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The total Project immplimentation as of October 18,2012 is 62%.

  • Civil Works





% Completed




RCC Dam Foundation  Treatment Work


  • Foundation Treatment work has been completed on the central part of the dam.
  • Dental treatment is taking place on the Left and Right Abutments.


RCC Dam Grouting Work


  • The contact/consolidation grouting on both left and right abutments at El 665 has been completed.
  • The total number of holes and the total volume that have been grouted is approximately 487 and 125,871 lit respectively.


Dam Drainage Gallery



  • The vertical shaft of the pump pits for both left and right is being constructed in parallel with RCC layer placement.
  • Formworks removal and CVC placement for the bed of the precast slabs and pre cast slabs installation are completed.


RCC Dam Concrete Work


  • RCC placement at Dam Axis and the right part reached to El 674 (layer 80).
  • To date 496,779m3 (8.42) of concrete has been placed out of the total 5.9Mm3 of RCC.


Dam Instrumentation



  • Fiber optics and some thermo couples are embedded at upstream and downstream zone of the dam under layer 34 (el 660). Additional fiber optics and thermocouples are being installed on layer 51 (el 665.4).


Plunge Pool Excavation


  • According to the new design, the total foreseen excavation quantity is 864,529m3.To date 488,458.89 m3 (56.6%) of the work is completed.


Powerhouse concrete work


Erection Bay

Casting of the perimeter wall and internal wall of the Erection Bay is in progress.

  • Concrete casting on the slab and wall between erection bay and unit 1 from EL.671~ 679.7 is completed.


Unit 1,

  • The Power House construction for U1 mass concrete has reached the Spiral case floor at El 666.5 and support pillars for spiral Casing have been cast.
  • The downstream slab between internal and external wall reached El 680.2.
  • Construction of ventilation duct wall on d/s carane wall reached El 680.2.
  • The second stage concreting for Draft Tube reached EL 666.5.
  • Construction of exterior & interior wall (upstream & downstream wall) is in progress..

Unit 2,

  • The Power House construction for U2 mass concrete has reached the Spiral case floor at El 666.5.
  • The draft tube side drainage gallery wall and the upstream of U2 from El 659 ~ 662.9 for Main Inlet Valve floor slab is cast together with the concrete floor slab of the Draft tube.
  • Construction of upstream interior & exterior walls (upsteam and downstream is in progress).
  • The second stage concrete casting for Draft Tube reached EL 662.9.

Unit 3,

  • Mass concret casting on draft tube left & right side walls and top slab reached EL 666.5.
  • Concret casting on upstream transition wall reached EL 674.6 and downstream interior wall reached EL 670.9

Unit 4,

  • Mass concret casting on draft tube left & right side walls and top slab reached EL 666.5.
  • Concret casting on upstream transition wall reached EL 672.3
  • Drain gallery and cut-off slab for both units U5 & U6 is completed and foundation cleaning and rock reconstruction is progressing for the remaining units(U7-U10).



Intake Gate Shaft




Left Intake Gate Shaft:

  • The construction of the reinforced concrete stabilizing ring wall from El 891 is in progress.
  • Excavation is 100% completed.


Right Intake Gate Shaft:

  • Full section excavation is started from El 891 and it will end at El 797.
  • The excavation is taking place in parallel with the construction of the stabilizing ring wall.


Power Tunnels Excavation  Works



Left power Tunnel:

  • The excavation is completed.
  • Lean concrete has been completed.



Right power Tunnel:

  • The excavation is completed.
  • Foundation clean up and lean concrete is being carried out to both direction from Gate chamber to Power Intake and from gate chamber to adit.
  • Rebar fixing for concrete lining is being carried out  and Concret lining from Gate chamber to Adit is started.


Drain and Access Tunnel


  • The drain and access tunnel excavation has started at d/s of the junction between the upper adit and the Right Power Tunnel.
  • To date 473m out of 836 m in length are completed.


Penstock Excavation Works


Left Penstock

  • Full section excavation is commenced on 03 October 2011 from El 774.
  • Rock support installation is also progressing in parallel with excavation.


Right Penstock

  • Full section excavation is commenced on 02 September 2011 from El 775.
  • Right Penstock excavation completed and Rock support installation is on progress.


Surge Shafts


Right Surge Shaft

  • The full section excavation of the Shaft is commenced on 13th of August 2011 from the top of the yard at El 893.
  • Excavation is completed.


Left Surge Shafts

  • The Full section excavation of the Shaft is commenced on 05th of August 2011 from the top of the yard at El 883.
  • To date almost 100% of the work is completed. Rock support installation is also progressing in parallel with excavation.


Chida-Sodo Road



  • Bele bridge work is completed,and opens to traffic it is awaiting loading test.
  • GESELKA Bridge is completed, and opens to traffic. It is awaiting loading test.
  • GIRBA Bridge is completed, and opens to traffic. It is awaiting loading test.



Employer’s permanent camp


  • Constructing the buildings on the Cut Section has been carried out.
  • Constructing the buildings on the fill Section has been carried out..
  • Main pipe line installation from the water well to water tank is completed.
  • Sewerage work is in progress
  • Slope stabilization work is in progress
  • Construction the Swimming pool is in Progress.


  • Electromechanical (EM) Works



% Completed



Design Works


  • Most of the design works are near to completion.




  • Six(6) mono phase step-up transformers (to be used for Four Units) are munfactured.
  • PH main & auxiliary cranes manufacturing are completed.
  • Draft tube elbows for 10 units are completed.
  • Manufacturing of Main Inlet Valve for three units is completed.
  • Manufacturing of Stay Ring, Spiral Case for two units completed.
  • Manufacturing of Turbines, Generator Stator frame and core, Generator Circuit Breakers for two unts are completed.




  • Grounding material, drainage system, embedded pipes, Draft Tube elbows for ten units, two PH bridge cranes each 225ton and two Auxiliary cranes each 30ton, PH Roof Gantry Crane(150ton), water cooling pipes, Spiral case for ten Units and Stay Rings for nine units are delivered to Site. Three Mono phase step-up transforments (to be used for Two Units) are being transported to Site.




  • Primary earthing grid works and at the power house has been completed up to unit 10 and extension of risers is in progress following the civil works.
  • Erection of Draft Tubes for three Units are completed and for the 4th Unit is in progress.
  • Erection of Draft Tube Cones for two units are completed.
  • Installation of 2X30t Auxilary Cranes completed and ready for precommissioning.
  • Installation of 100 ton bridge crane used for penstock installation has been completed at right and left manifold.
  • Installation of 50t/10t bridge crane at upper horizontal section of right tunnel and 10t bridge crane for DEC workshop have been completed..
  • Erection of embedded parts for Stay Ring and Spiral Case for the 1st Unit is completed.
  • Hydraulic Steel Structure (HSS) Works


Design Works


  • Most of the design works are near to completion.
  • Design documents for Middle Level Outlet steel Lining is returned for correction to DEC after review.





  • 1st stage Embedded parts fabrication at site is completed.
  • Manufacturing of Gate Slot for Draft Tube Stoplogs for ten Units are completed.
  • Manufacturing of Gate Slot for Draft Tube Maintenance Gates for seven units are completed.
  • Manufacturing of Gantry and Monorial crane for Draft Tube Gates are completed.




  • 1st stage embedded parts of draft tube stop-logs and gates, embedded parts of draft tube gantry crane are delivered to site.
  • Manifold branch pipes for five units are delivered to  site.
  • Parts of the Steel lining for penstock and Gate slot for Intake Trashrack and Intake Stoplog are delivered to Site.




  • Installation of 100 ton gantry Crane used for penstock installation has been completed at right and left manifold. .
  • Installation of branch pipes for penstoch manifold for Unit 9 and 10 are completed.
  • Installation of Embedded parts for gate slot of the draft tube gates are inprogress following the civil works.
  • Rail system installation for transporation of penstock has been completed for Unit 3,4 & 5.
  • Gibe III – Wolaita Sodo Transmission line Works



% Completed



Design works













Erection and Construction



Tower foundation construction work has been 58.87% completed and 28.97 % of tower erection has been completed  for line 1 .
Tower foundation construction work has been 58.71% completed and 28.43 % of tower erection has been completed  for line 2 .


Camps and Site logistic Installation works

Camps for Employer/ Employer Representative, Contractors Expatriate camps and local staff's camps are completed.

Air strip, Clinics, canteens, bars and other social service centers for the staffs are completed.

Site logistic installations such as workshops laboratories, stores, batching plants, crushing plants and other important equipments are in place.

River Diversion Works



Diversion Tunnels

Excavation and lining works of the three diversion tunnels are completed and the dry season flow of Omo River is diverted through the center tunnel on January 20, 2009.

At present, the Omo River flow passes through the three diversion tunnels and the area of the dam foundation and powerhouse is fee of water..


The concrete wall of the D/S cofferdam has been 100% completed and the rock fill work is 78.5% completed, the contractor has completed installing first and second phase geo-membrane and is preparing to install third phase

RCC Dam Construction

Dam abutment excavation is 100% completed.

Power House

Power house area excavation is in progress. Excavation volume has been  increased due to shift of PH. As a result 87% of the excavation work is completed relative to the new total area of excavation

Power Waterways


Power Intake

•The position of the Intake is shifted 250 m left side and 320m right side towards u/s. The quantity of excavation at the new location is estimated to be 227,000 m3. Out of this volume 174,790 m3 is excavated so far. The progress of the work is 81% according to the new volume.

Power Tunnels

•  To date the left and right Power Tunnels excavations are approximately 83% and 73.4% completed respectively


Excavation of Branches of the Left and right Manifolds is completed, installation of support structures and wire mesh and shotcrete activities are completed.


Laboratory Works

Second phase of RCC trial mix tests for the main dam is in progress.

RCC trail mix tests on different types and brands of cement are in progress. According to the results Pozolana Portland Cement (PPC) is found to be the best type of cement for RCC Dam construction.

Roads & Bridges


About 135 km long access roads inside the site are constructed.

The Omo downstream Permanent bridge work is 100 % completed and it was opened for Light vehicles traffic on Sep 06, 2009 .

The request for approval of reduction of the right of way of the road from 30 to 20 m is approved by Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) in order to reduce the impact of the road. Currently, the consultants has completed the rechecking of the impacts in the 20m corridor and submitted the review of the final resettlement and compensation plan.

Hydromechanical and Electromechanical works

  • Contract for the Electro mechanical and Hydro mechanical works have been signed on May 12, 2010 with DEC (Dongfang Electric International Corporation) of China at a cost of USD 340,727,870 plus ETB 486,627,544 and USD 105,227,709 plus ETB 150,919,919 respectively. The total contract price for the Electro mechanical and Hydro mechanical works in USD is 495,506,200.
  • A tripartite agreement has been made on July15, 2010 among EEPCo, Salini (EPC Contractor) and DEC (Plant Contractor).
  • The contracts for EM and HSS Works are effective as of July 15, 2010.
  • With respect to the submitted drawings/documents, DEC accomplished 28% and 35% design for EM and HSS works respectively.

So far 380 design drawings/documents have been submitted by DEC for review and approval; of the submitted design drawings/document:

    • 262 documents(about 69%) are Returned for Correction(RFC)
    • 54 documents( about 14%) are approved
    • 64 documents under review (about 17%)
  • The manufacturing works of the components of EM and HSS equipments are under progress.
  • The third technical coordination meeting has been conducted from May 23rd to 27th/2011 in Addis Ababa. The meeting has been attended by the representatives of EEPCo, ER, Salini (EPC contractor) and DEC (Plant Contractor).
  • Great emphasis has been given to speed up the design of EM and HSS equipment of the project and ensure the interfacing activities with that of the civil works.
  • In order to speed up the design works, establishment of a team drawn from EEPCo, ER, and EPC contractor is under process. The team will closely work with DEC’s engineers in Chengdu, China.
  • Considering the delays in design of EM & HSS works, EEPCo requested the DEC’s top management support and intervention in order to speed up and ensure the completion of the project as scheduled.
  • As no satisfactory improvement is obtained from DEC’s side, EEPCo invited DEC’s higher level management for a coordination meeting scheduled for first week of July 2011.
  • In the managerial coordination meeting, it is planned to discuss on the performance of DEC’s design activities and general coordination of the works and to find out all possible resolution.

Transmission Line

(GIII To Wolaita-Sodo Substation)

  • Gibe III-Wolaita Transmission Line (50.3 km double circuit 400kV, 3 phases and 51km single circuit 400kV) Construction Contract has been signed on July 24, 2009 with TBEA of China at a cost of USD 34 M of which 85% is to be covered by a loan from EXIM Bank of China.
  • TBEA Co.Ltd has submitted additional design documents/drawings to EEPCo for approval. The submitted documents/drawings are approved by EEPCo’s Transmission and Substation Engineering Office.
  • The contractor is preparing design for foundation.
  • The Loan Agreement for execution of the Gibe III-Wolaita-Addis Ababa 400kV Power Transmission Project (comprises substations and transmission lines) has been signed by MoFED and by EXIM Bank of China. The Loan Agreement has been also approved by the Council of Ministers and has been deliberated to the Ethiopian Parliament for its ratification. After review by Budget and Finance Standing Committee, the Parliament has approved the Loan Agreement on June 16, 2011.
  • For implementation of the project the Contractor has submitted the work schedule.
  • EEPCo’s delegates are attending tower test witnessing in China since June 6, 2011.
Environmental And Social Studies

•  Establishment of the Environmental and Social monitoring and Management Implementation Unit in Addis Ababa, at site and at Jinka has been completed.

• Four Environmental and Social monitoring Coordinators have been assigned at four woredas around Jinka (Dasenech,Nyagatom,Hammer and Selamago).They are mainly engaged in awareness creation works.

• All ESIA related studies are completed. All the final ESIA and RAP reports are posted on EEPCo's Website as of March 5, 2009. Final report for archeological study has been submitted. The establishment of an office for the Environmental and Social monitoring and management sub process team at project level is completed. Preparation of project- based website is Completed. A mediation between the African Development Bank and Friends of Lake Turkana (FOLT) has been conducted on June 10 and 11, 2009, in Nairobi and the AfDB representatives have briefed EEPCo's management on the outcome. The FOLT has requested the bank for further studies to be conducted on the project, especially hydrological studies and public consultation on the Kenyan side. The Bank has accepted the request and engaged in finding consultants for the study.

• The first meeting of the Environmental Advisory panel has been held on 10 july 2008 and the members have received electronic copies of the ESIA studies documents. The Advisory panel members have conducted the first site visit from 31 st July 2009 to 02 August 2009 and held a meeting during the site visit. The EAP has been conducting a number of meetings and has prepared action plan for the Panel.

•  Establishment of the Environmental and Social monitoring and Management Implementation Unit in Addis Ababa, at site and at Jinka Town(SNNP).

• Additional Public consultation has been done on December 2009 to February 2010 with upstream and downstream communities.


A joint mission from the AfDB, EIB and World Bank were in Ethiopia from October 10-20, 2009. The missions had visited the project site and consult the downstream communities. The missions also held different meetings with EEPCo and participated in the EFTA study Workshop conducted on oct-19-2009.

Plung Pool

The Contractor stopped the works waiting for the results of the hydraulic model test related to the depth of the invert of the plunge pool. In addition the quality of the rock is not good and the Contractor is waiting a new support design.

Chida-Sodo Road And Employer’s permanent camp

•  On the left side of the river, the Contractor is doing clearing and levelling works of the road, so far 26.5 km has been done.

•  on the right side of the river, the clearing and levelling works has been done up to a distance of 4km, The Contractor stopped the work on the right side as he has shifted the resources to the left side

•  The Contractor has completed earth works and he is preparing a platform to commence the construction of the Employer's permanent camp

•  The Contractor has commenced construction of EPC plant contractor's (DEC) camp.


Compensation Payments

•  So far Compensation payment for the permanent camp area has been made for fifty three (53) peoples with a total of 3.87 Million Birr.

In total one hundred and sixty three (169) persons are compensated so far for Sodo-Chida road relocation and Employer's permanent camp with Birr 7.52M.

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