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Ethiopian Electric Power corporation (EEPCo)

The Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority popularly known as EELPA established on 11th September 1955. After having undergone restructuring, it is recognized as Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) on 7th July 1997. Currently, with more than 12,000 permanent employees plus almost equal number of of contract employees, the corporation is the highest employer next to Ministry of Education. EEPCo is responsible for generating, transmitting, distributing and selling electricity nationwide.  Taking into consideration the current power generation construction boosting, EEPCo's dream to pass the domestic power demand and export electricity to neighboring nations through the international grid will come true in less than half a dozen years.


EEPCo Organization Structure 

Gibe III Hydroelectric Project

Gibe III Hydroelectric Project is the biggest construction in the nation's construction history with a cost of 1.47 billion Euros.It is located 470 km south of Addis Ababa. Wolayita Sodo is the nearest chief town some 90 km north of the project and 382 km from the Capital.


The Gibe III Hydroelectric Project dam is to be built on Omo river. With the world highest dam (243 meter), it genetates 1870 MW through 10 big turbines each with a capacity of 187 MW. 

Gibe III Project Organization Structure    


ELC-Electroconsult and Coyne Et Bellier

The Project with a EPC contract is devised a dual party mode of relationship between EEPCo, owner and Salini Costruttori S.p.A, Contractor.  ELC-Electroconsult and Coyne Et Bellier are the employer's representatives with the joint venture consultancy service.

The Consultants Organization Structure   


Salini Costruttori S.p.A(ITALY)

Salini Costruttori, back tracing its business partnership to the nation more than half a century, is currently the biggest construction company operating in Ethiopia. Completing Gilgel Gibe I in 2004, it is now in a process of handing over Gilgel Gibe II with a capacity of generating 420 MW.  The other big project of Salini, Beles hydroelectric project that generates 460 MW, is to be completed on 2010.

Contractors Organization Structure  








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The Management and Employees of Gibe III Hydroelectric Project wish you a Happy & Prosperous Ethiopian New year!!

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