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Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) is currently focusing on developing the nation's hydroelectric potential and the Gibe III scheme provides huge generating capacity to meet domestic demand and increase export of electricity. The total production of the project will be 1,870 MW of electrical power and 6,500 GWh of firm energy per annum.

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has been prepared in compliance with Ethiopian ESIA procedures and in accordance with the international standards, as reflected in the policies, procedures, and guidelines of the African Development Bank, European Investment Bank and the World Bank. CESI and AGRICONSULTING of Italy, in association with MDI Consulting Engineers of Ethiopia, was charged with the responsibility of preparing the ESIA document. EEPCO's environmental monitoring unit (EMU) has also prepared the ESIA and the ressetlement action plan (RAP) for the transmission line project.

Policy, Legal, and Administrative Frameworks

The ESIA study for Gibe III hydroelectric project has been carried out within the framework of local, national and international environmental regulations. The legislative framework applicable to the proposed project is governed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), Africa Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank(WB), and European Investment Bank (EIB).

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has ratified several international conventions and protocols, and some of these have direct relevance to the Gibe III Hydroelectric Project.

For More information, please download the Gibe III Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies.

· ESIA Executive Summary

· Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

· ESIA: Study on downstream Impact

· Additional Study on downstream Impact Anex

· ESIA: Chida-Sodo Road Realignment Project

· Environmental and Social Management Plan

· Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan (PCDP)

· Resettlement Action Plan Dam and Reservoir Vol-1

· Resettlement Action Plan Dam and Reservoir Vol-2

· ESIA: Gibe III- Wolayta Sodo Transmission Line

· RAP : Gibe III -Wolayta Sodo Transmission Line




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Meles Zenawi

The Management , Employees  and  staff of  Gibe III Hydroelectric   project  of  the Ethiopian Electric Power  Corporation  express  their   heartfelt   condolences  on  the  sudden  passing  away  of  His Excellency  Ato  Meles  Zenawi, Prime  Minister of  The  F.D.R.E.
Our  sympathies go to his families, friends and to all peoples of Ethiopia.

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