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The International Energy Agency (IEA) affirms hydropower generation is a renewable technology viable on large scales, the least costly way of storing large amount of electricity with insignificant amounts of greenhouse gases emissions, etc.

Having a height of 243m and total installed capacity of 1,870MW, the Gibe III Hydroelectric Project is the highest Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam to facilitate better access to electricity for the nation as well the neighboring countries. The project will increase the generation capacity of Ethiopia by 234 per cent and makes the power export program of the country viable .

Thus, the project is expected to have great socio- economic contributions by feeding Ethiopian grid, and creating regional integrations among the neighboring countries through interconnected system.

Public Consultation
As part of this continuous process, a series of public consultations were carried out with Federal, Regional, Zonal, Wereda and local officials and institutions, PAPs, community elders and NGOs, level.

Project Financing
The capital costs of Gibe III HEP is 1,470 M Euro for the plant construction and 35 Million Euro for the transmission line from Gibe III to Wolayta Sodo Substation is expected to be financed from different sources.



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